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July 11, 2006


Are you entirely sure it's bunnies?

In our yard we have no bunnies, yet get the same sort of problem -- only our animal chompers are groundhogs and [yes, here in the CITY] - skunks.

Have you caught whatever critter it is in the act?

My Irish grandmother used to be the best shot with a slingshot you ever did see -- she protected her garden that way.


I'm pretty sure it's a bunny. A little bunny...who is growing.

We've seen him on the other side of the fence, munching on clover flowers. I'm pretty sure he hopped over to the beans just a few feet away.

It's too wet to go out there now (I might melt, you know), so I'll go check on the beans later when/if it dries out. But I do have two tiny tomatoes!!!! Whoo-hoo! Course, we could've bought a field of veggies with the amount of $$$ invested in these crops, but it's fun to grow them.

Well, aren't we the militant one? I surely hope you're joking about the whole "KILL THE BUNNIES" scenario, seriously I do! However, on the off chance that you are dead serious... Well, let's just hope you're not. PETA wouldn't be very happy.

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