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July 14, 2006


You might look into getting a fake owl and place it near your garden.

Mothballs. Rabbits hate mothballs, do you get them in the US. They smell something awful, scatter them around the plants. We used to do this before we had a cat who cleared the neighbourhood of rabbits. Neighbours were delighted. I wasn't so sure, one morning I came down, pulled the curtains back and thought, Oh, someone has left their fur gloves behind. No it was the hind quarters of a rabbit. Apparently, cats love to eat the heads and forequarters. Yuck.

Over the weekend, two more seeds sprouted. Mothballs are now down. Now to see if Mr. Bunny eats them.

Frank said he saw a toad hopping away. Toads eat bugs, not seedlings, right?

Right. But not rabbits

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