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November 15, 2006


Do what I do when Spike decides to announce himself at 2, 3, 4 and 5AM. When I see him sleeping during the day...I wake HIM up! (-:<

Don't forget, cats are nocturnal, and could be bored and wants to play. He could also be suffering from stress, is he being bullied, or is he picking up stress from you?

Fred is the cat least likely to suffer from stress, although some days he still gets twitchy. We haven't been letting him out on the porch, and he seems better. (I still think it's allergies.)

As for bullying, HE'S the bully in the house. He loves to terrify the other cats and then look at me with his big amber eyes and say, "I didn't do nuffink wrong!"

How can an 11 lb. creature be the master of everyone else (including the humans) in the house?

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