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January 18, 2007


Gosh! I had no idea the color pens would be such a hit - glad you liked them. They are to inspire you to look at things through many different filters - different points of view.

Have fun!

I really like the turquoise pen, too. The neat colors stick out when I'm editing a manuscript. They're tres kewl!

Some of my fondest memories from junior high are of the riding lessons my parents gave me, since I wasn't allowed to get my own horse. : ) I remember that soft, soft nose.

I'm sure I would cry if I got the newsletter, Lorraine. So I probably won't read it. I'll just look up a shelter in my own area!


Ah, don't be surprised if their newsletter makes you cry. The terrible things mankind inflicts on animals is at least equal to (but probably greater than) the evil mankind inflicts upon itself.

The strays and abused animals in your area will thank you.

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