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February 22, 2007


Oh, I feel for you, Lorraine! Our current dishwasher is the kind with the interchangable panels -- and was on avocado when we bought the house. (the same color our stove still sports) We can't leave the house after turning on the dishwasher, because it gets stuck on the wash cycle and will continue scrubbing into eternity if we let it. (The first time it melted holes right through several of my good plastic measuring cups) Perhaps our dishwashers are meant to find each other in that metal recycling place in the sky. Let me know when yours is making the trip...

I've actually never lived anywhere in my life that had a dishwasher [other than me and elbow grease] but I have had recurrent fantasies about loading dishes in, poking a button and Voila! the job is done.

For me, life in a house with modern appliances is sort of like the Holy Grail. If you have always had a dishwasher, I think you would find a major lifestyle change [like add 45 minutes - one hour of manual labor a day] in store. This would cut into your writing time.

I've been trying to get into some sort of Zen meditation approach to it (you know, like the Buddhist monks totally concentrating on what they are doing and achieving enlightenment) but I can't say I'm there yet.


I can't get anything done as it is, let alone come up with another 45 minutes to an hour a day.

At least you always have clean fingernails!

Wish I actually worked for the company I work AT - I could probably get you, my favorite cousin, a decent price on a replacement. But, alas, I'm only a lowlife contractor - so we don't get the discounts.

However, if I get hired in soon, you will be the first to know!

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