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April 01, 2007


Oh, I'm so sorry for your mother!! A fractured knee??!! That sounds incredibly painful. I'm guessing that you are spending a lot more time over at your parents' house now in addition to providing transportation. How long will she have to have that brace on? And it sure helps to have a cheerful disposition through all this.

Yikes! She gets all the way through that rotten winter, and gets bunged up NOW?

After they get done checking her, can she get a visiting nurse to come to her place to do physical therapy to minimize transportation issues? Also, she can qualify [on a temporary basis, I think, with a doctor's certificate] for lift line or one of the other medical transport buses -- you wouldn't want to send her off alone, of course, but if you could move her around in a specially -equipped van it might lessen the chances of injuring her further in the process of bringing her around to the doctor.

The removeable braces are supposed to be a Godsend for lessening dry skin and irritation issues like you get with a cast, so even though it looks weird, it is much better for her skin. And she has enough on her plate with the knee healing to have to worry about anything else!


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