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April 18, 2007


Well said, pity there aren't more people with that attitude out there.

I was fascinated by the RIT official's comments about the student who had the two guns and 300 rounds of ammo in the dorm room -- "He was a gun hobbiest who like to buy guns and fix them - we have no evidence that he planned any sort of attack with them...."

Well, I can'thelp but remember that old comment they always used to tell you about writing mystery stories: "If there is a description of a room, and there is a gun on the mantel, the gun figures into the plot."

If the kid had 300 baseball cards or beanie babies in his room, he would be a "collector". I have a gut reaction that says 300 rounds of ammo isn't a collector, it's someone who could kill 300 people if [or when] he snapped.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to send my husband off to work in one university and my oldest kid off to classes at another after this story broke - I just wanted everybody to stay home or else get a kevlar vest to wear.


Great post. I think a guy on Fox news said that if EVERYONE had a gun, problem solved. If one of those students or professors had a gun, well ... it would have gone done just like in the movies, right? Good guy blows away psychotic killer. The world is saved. The world is perfect. Until the next time Mr. Gunshop Mans sells Mr. Clean-Cut College Kid a perfectly legal firearm and then throws up his hands and says, "How could this happen?"

My ancestors used shotguns and rifles to put food on the table. Handguns are ineffective as a means of survival. Their only use? To kill humans. The massacres would stop if we banned hand guns!! Great post

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