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May 18, 2007


Hmmm. You're now my role model. Can you come to my house? I try so hard to be organized--I buy file folders and then holders to put the folders in. But somehow, the folders stay in the shrink wrap and the holders are holding nothing, just taking up room in the closet. I would throw papers away, I really would, but every time I do, those are the ones I need.
As a TV reporter, I used to have huge clipping files, file cabinet after file cabinet. Now that everything is on the internet, I did have one wonderful day of tossing all that stuff. And nothing bad happened as a result!
I know the freeing feeling of paper disposal. Shall we all make a pact to have a blog-wide paper discard day?
Just let me know when it is...
xx Hank

Congrats on taking on such an awesome chore! I would like to follow your example, but I think most of the clutter around here isn't actually MINE to dispose of .... living in a household of five people has some extreme drawbacks, and the clutter level is high on that list.

But I am going to continue to look to you for inspiration!

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