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May 22, 2007


Didn't she make Bubble and Squeak? That is how the leftovers were normally dished up, each vegetable including the roast potatoes were cut into pieces and fried until golden and crispy and then served with mashed potatoes and what was left of the Sunday joint. Your Dad always said when my mother served a Sunday roast she hid the meat under a pea.

It is so sad when there is a distance between siblings. But in every family I know, there is someone who has either rejected all the others, or the others have dumped, and I can't think of a family I know that doesn't have sad thoughts on birthdays, holidays, weddings, funerals.....

All the religions urge you to find reconciliation with others but in many cases, the feelings are so long-standing and so viscerally painful that the concept of reconciliation seems about as likely as little green men from mars showing up and saying "Take me to your leader...."

Oh well - at least you remember his b-day -- that must count for something positive in the universe.

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