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May 08, 2007


Question: why are you having a sale in the middle of the week?

Every time we think of having a sale, for every item I want to sell, one child wants the profit from the sale, and two others can't stand to give up whatever the item is and put up a huge fuss about selling it.

Compound that with my husband's paranoia that burgaler wannabes are going to use the event to case the house and come back and rob us blind later, the Nelson yard sale will probably never come to pass.

Good luck with yours!


Sell the glasses and dishes dirt cheap, sell the books by the boxful - $x per box and they have to take all the books. I can't tell you how many boxes of books I bought to buy ONE book! You might have a 'buy one - take one for free' table. We did that when my sister and I had a garage sale to get rid of Mom and Dad's stuff. We also had a 'mystery' item. The person that bought it got it for free and another item for free. That was fun. The person that got the item was thrilled to get it but then was thrilled to get it for free. We had considered paying someone to take the item - cause we were sure NO ONE would want it.

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