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June 05, 2007


The company my sister-in-law works for, Kate's Paperie, in NYC was featured in Victoria several years ago, around 2000. I remember the mag very well when it was in its heyday. Kate's is an upscale stationer's.

I too loved VIctoria Magazine. Every time I read any of the issues I always felt transported to such beauty, whether it be in gardens, stories, letters from subscribers, and historic homes. I was so disappointed when Nancy Lindemeyer was no longer the editor. The magazine changed so much-it was no longer unique, was just like so many other magazines. I still look at my old issues and cannot believe the contrast when Nancy was no longer the editor. I miss the magazine so much and was so pleased to hear that it is coming back. I only hope it returns to its original format, feeling, and quality, etc.

Lorraine, I'm amazed! I just got the notice of this new Victoria publication and went out on the web to search for Nancy Lindemeyer, and came upon your blog. I knew that my friends and I were probably not alone in our love for the "old" Victoria and for Nancy Lindemeyer's touch, but to read your blog just now... you said everything exactly as we have felt it. My friends and I have every issue from Nancy's reign too! I still go through them at least yearly. They are timeless. I will give the new one a chance... but if it doesn't hold up to the standard, I will quickly discard it! Thanks for your thoughts! We all heartily agree with your thoughts on the issue!

I agree with everything you said! I adored that magazine - to a state of obsession. Nancy was amazing! I remember her goodbye editorial. She was going to work somehow with her son or spend time with her son who was a jazz artist (I'll have to go find that issue). I have every one of them carefully preserved.

Peggy Kennedy had been editor of House Beautiful and that's what she tried to turn Victoria into. No more soft focus, no more gorgeous writing. Just pages of hard focus decorating collages. Maybe that's not fair, but all I know is that I wanted to throw those issues against the wall.

I know they can't make it identical (or maybe they can), but I hope and pray they capture the original spirit.

Remember Toshi Otsuki and the photos of Wisteria in Longwood Gardens, or the writing of Tovah Martin? Whole covers are etched in my mind all these many years.

I really and truly cannot wait!

I was ecstatic when I learned that Victoria magazine will be published once again. I, too, was disappointed in the change when editor Nancy Lindemyer was replaced by Peggy Kennedy. Nothing in the magazine reflected the original content and it was almost a relief when publication ceased. I am hoping that Victoria will once again feature photos and articles similar to those featured in the magazine under Ms. Lindemyer's talented editorship.

I was just reading the 2000 issue where Nancy announced she would become founding editor and changes were afoot - I am excited to hear the magazine will return - hopefully to the beautiful style it once had. I have purchased as many back issues as I could on Ebay. I am from Western Australia and had to wait months for the latest issue to arrive but have kept them all and still delight in every page as if it was the first time I have seen it. I am inspired!!

I agree with all of your comments. I wonder if they could re-hire Nancy L. as the new editor?

Charlene Handford Barlow

Hey Looking for a recipe in an old Victoria magazine maybe someone could help me. Problem is I don't know what issue. I have a list of the recipes in that issue, they are as follows...
*Elder-flower Fritters with Raspberry Sauce
*Summer Zucchini- Pistachio Tea Bread
*Amelia's Banana Cake
*Chocolate Trifle Lorraine
*Cherished Coconut Wine Cake
The recipe I'm looking for is the Amelia's Banana Cake. It must be a summer issue and it had to be maybe I'm guessing 5 years ago or so.
Let me know if you have any idea how I can get this recipe. Thanks so much for your time.

loved VICTORIA,since its inception. so glad to see it is coming back!If anyone is interested,I have back issues from several years,different months. contact me at the email address above.

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