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June 27, 2007


I feel for her. From what I've heard and experienced, cats are a lot smarter than dogs about the whole pill business, and you just can't fool 'em with hiding the pill in something else, you just have to get it in their little mouths, and then [I know this sounds horrible, but it's true] hold her little mouth shut until you know she's swallowed it.

Hope you can work out a "system" soon. I'm sending very positive vibes your way, hang in there!


When Poppy was ill with her thyroid she had to have pills, not pleasant as she fights you tooth and nail, or claw in her case. I bought a pack of liver pate from the supermarket and guess what? I was her bestest friend.

I tried cheese. No go. Don't know as she'd eat pate, but I'll try. (And if not, Frank can eat it. He has no problem with pate.)

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