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June 22, 2007


So sorry to hear about Betsy. I sure hope she recovers. How do you anticipate the pill-taking will go? With dogs, you can give them a pill in peanut butter and it goes right down. Something tells me cats are more likely to catch on to our methods!

I'm pretty worried about it, too. We've never had to pill this cat, and she may not be as tolerate to work with us as she is working with the vet and vet tech.

Wouldn't you know, I cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer a while back and threw out the cat piller. (Which I don't think worked that well...)

I'm so sorry - sounds like an ordeal for all concerned.

What kind of cancer does she have?

Will you have a hairless kitty? At least it is summer and she won't freeze.

Anything I can do to help?

When I was a kid and my mother raised Persians, they were sick sisters and always needing meds - my mother had some sort of "cat whisperer" technique to give pills where she slid the pill in pretty far back on the cats tongue and then held the kitty on her lap and did a long, stroking motion from the tip of the chin all the way down the neck, and repeated this motion for several minutes until she was sure the cat had swallowed it or the pill had disolved.

It worked with the Persians, but they are not the smartest cats - if yo've got a savvy domestic shorthair she might not fall for it.


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