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September 24, 2007


Jay, our yellow lab who died in January had the same condition as Betsy, we did exactly what you are doing, he was being medicated every day for 3 months and when the end came it was very quick a matter of hours. On his last day in the afternoon he was bouncing around the garden and I thought, "he is having a good day today." That evening he did not want his supper, he took himself off into Graham's study and lay down. The next morning he was gone. Animals lovers are all guilty of loving their pets too much, and as long as they aren't in pain you have to give them every chance. Thinking of you.

It sounds difficult for all of you - especially the not knowing if what you're doing will "help" at all -- but you'd hate yourself later if you didn't pursue every chance that might give her a little more time. I think you'll probably know it when it's time to stop treatments.

I wish I could do something to help at this point, just hang in there.

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