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October 22, 2007


But did they send you chocolates?

Alas, no. But I could lick the pages with photos of chocolate, I suppose....

Thanks for posting this, Lorraine! This truly is BLISSful news.

Lorraine, I am just learning that Victoria is back and saw your article. Good fun here, gurl. Also, is there anyone like Alexandra Stoddard? Have you read "Open Your Eyes"?
I enjoy your blog and envy good writing. I am a designer, first and a writer, uuummm, by default, so I can take it on the road.
The best,

Nice to meet you, Patricia. I visited your blog and have bookmarked it to return again and again!

There doesnt seem to be any
one that cares to explain
why the he-- Victoria came to a hault. I for one would like to know, and why should we trust them not to take it away again???There better be a good reason because I bought every issue since published in '78'It was the only magazine worth buying on the shelf.

signed, angry

I would imagine it failed becaused they changed the focus of the magazine when the founding editor retired. Advertisers bolted and without advertisers, there wasn't a magazine. I know they replaced my subscription with some fitness magazine, which I promptly tossed in the trash without reading. It annoyed me that I wasn't even given the chance of choosing another magazine I might have liked.

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