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October 17, 2007


Yakknow, I don't give a flying flippity floo if you are posting about your kitty or posting about the inside baseball of publishing, or posting about your vacation to Fiji.

Content. As a blog consumer I want content, preferrably delivered on a regular schedule.

Yes, I am particularly interested in your tales of publishing, much the same way young virginal boys are most interested in photographic pages of a Playboy magazine.

But I'm also interested in the authorial life and the nuances of YOUR life. Lorraine, from my existential perspective, you are a character in a soap opera I follow, the plot and characterization spilled out 240 words at a time.

I covet your publishing credentials, but I religiously vist the blog to witness the mechanations of the heart and brain of a woman I have never met.

I came for the lesson. I stayed for the lady.

Frankly, Lorraine, it's simple. If you want to drive more blog traffic entirely on the basis of your authorial cache, then sell more books. Simple.

If you want to drive more blog traffic in general, then comment more on more of other people's blogs. Take the interest in other people's lives the same way they (we) take in yours. Simple.

Very interesting. But...that didn't answer my question about what I should put on Lorna's website. (tee hee!)

I do want more readers for this blog, and I do comment on other people's blogs. But I once shot myself in the foot (oh, about ten years ago) when I was new to the Internet, and the wound still smarts. So I tend to lurk a lot. I've been visiting your blog quite a bit lately and have commented a couple of times. But I shall take your advice and try to comment more. (By the way, AOL wouldn't let me vote on your survey. Duh...tried on Explorer and it worked fine. My opinion now counts! (Keep the links, and keep adding to them!)

Please more gratuitous american nudity and delicious vegetarian recipes.

Thank you very much.

Sanji "Petey"

Hehn - hehn!

Well, as long as you are asking, Laura Bartlett, I'm not much of a reader myself, but I'm fascinated by all the talk about publishification.


I'm good with what you have. And I am in no way Dwight, trying to get the post count up to ten so I can qualify for a free book.

Anyone who says I am is lying.

I was afraid that would read as more of an admonishment than I meant it to be.

I know you visit. Even if you didn't I would still read every one of your posts.

I merely emphasize that it's the reaching out, the commenting, and the paying of attention to the minutia of other people's lives that reciprocates in higher blog traffic.

I know you lurk. That's cool. I see your map dot on my sitemeter. Not everybody is so perceptive. That is why I mentioned the commenting part.

L, I get between 80 and 100 unique hits a day and I'VE NEVER PUBLISHE A GD THING! That you are averaging 40 is a cosmic injustice for which I am embarassed. That's just crazy.

But I think I confused this BLOG with your question about Lorna's WEBSITE.

Drawing traffic to a Web site?

You figure out the formula for that and you could be too rich to write.

Hi, Sanji. Sorry, but gratuitous American nudity just isn't my thing. However, if I come across some other good vegetarian recipies, I'll try to remember to post them. :)

Dwight, I read at least 15 blogs a day. (Some of my favorites are posted on the right. And I ought to add yours up there, too.) I wish I could read more, but there is writing and the never-ending laundry. (Why is it I'm the only one around here who knows how to measure washing detergent?)

One of the problems with writing under a pseudonym is...do I talk about Lorna in the 3rd person? My publisher is allowing me to let people know it's really me writing those books, but do readers care?

One of my writer pals thinks people visit author websites to learn more about the author. I'm more character driven. I put a lot of myself in my books, but my characters usually end up taking over and there's an awful lot that's NOT me. (For instance: Jeff never knew his father and his mother was an alcoholic, things both foreign to me.)

So is it the author that attracts website visitors or the characters s/he creates?

It is the nature of readers to want to fully understand the harmonic dissonance between the characters created by an author (primary) and the author him/herself (secondary).

I HAD to know if Salinger had a little sister BECAUSE Holden's relationship with Phoebe was the purist expression of sibling love I had ever experienced.

I HAD to know if John Irving had actually bagged a Mrs. Robinson when he was a teen BECAUSE it's a reoccuring theme in every damn thing he writes.

I HAD to know if Patricia Cornwell was a real medical examiner BECAUSE the details were so excrutiatingly vivid.

I HAD to know if Vonnegut had a formative life of pain BECAUSE Billy Pilgrim and Rudy Waltz were so frickin seeped in guit and regret.

Both. We want to know both. We want to know both because when the characters are exceptionally written we want to see the distance between that character and the mind who wrote it.

It's like watching Criss Angel and googling to see how such an illusion could be accomplished.

When it's GREAT we are compelled to quantify the distance between the art and the artist.

Whoa, well said!

How to increase blog comment traffic? Is that a $64 question? Dwight had a lot of harsh but true observations.

* Read and comment more on high traffic blogs and groups. I know you and I are on some of the same.

* Do or write something controversial to get the juices of your viewers flowing.

* Become a bigger house hold name (yeah, right. Like you haven't been trying). But it is the truth. Look at N. Pickard's blog started nearly the same time as mine. She has four times the hits mainly because people want to associate with the name and she does have some downhome wisdom to despense.

It ain't easy. I know. I have the 25,000,000th blog put out on the Internet. That's a lot of competition and just like getting published, you have to offer something unique to attract and keep the eye of your readers...and commenters.

"And that's all I have to say about that."


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