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October 30, 2007


The "fraud" feeling ... I know that well. But ... but ... but ... a new computer?

It definitely needs some playtime, doesn't it? Needs some bonding time to become part of the family?

I want a new computer, LOL. Good luck with the scene!

Thanks. And yes, the iMac is calling me, trying to seduce me to play. I may do that later today...if I get the new printer. I keep calling the store and they keep telling me "we haven't unpacked them so we don't know what came in." Get off the stick, guys! It's a 30-mile trip and I don't want to make it unless I know I'm getting my printer!

(Hell hath no fury like a woman waiting for her new printer!)

It was a bright and clear day. The sun shone so bright L wore sunglasses in the house to cut down the glare. Even the cats hid under the couch using the ruffles as shades. Even after the sun descended in an unusually slow winter crawl, the light stayed long past the rise of the full moon and the branches of the trees cast still shadows as clear as day. Had it not been such a day, had it not been such an incredibly full moon, had she not looked out the window at just the right moment, she would never have seen the blue Windstar van drop the body into her yard.

Bon appetit.


Hmm...I drive a blue Dodge Caravan. Are you sure it was a Windstar??? (Better go look out the window now, eh?)

Writers need to go fallow for a season in order to reap a healthy harvest the rest of the year.

Recharge your brain.

But then get to sowing and planting and weeding and such.

Is it time to rest? Or is it time to plant?

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