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October 24, 2007


Ohhhh! A cottage!

I'm so jealous.

Lately my fantasy is getting snowed in while living in a mountain cabin.

As a kid that thought would have made my skin crawl. Now it's surpased anything pr0nographic as my primary fantasy.

No TV. No phone. Just enough power to keep my laptop charged so I can write.

Ohhhhhhh! I need a cigarette.

I love the place. I'd also love to make it a year-round "home." Our neighbor (who did that) advised us not to. Said, "rip it down and rebuild." But I love it just as it is...only I'd love it more with insulation. That might happen if I sell more copies of books. One day.

Neighbor also says that living on water in winter is like living on the moon. Everything -- land and water -- is gray and depressing. (And the snow drifts 6 or 8 feet high.) Sounds "cool" to me.

Sounds like it's time for a "starvin writers" party.

I'll bring the cheez wiz!

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