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October 16, 2007


If we don't get our pets back in the afterlife, then it isn't really Heaven, is it?

Here's hoping that you've bought yourself a heartfelt "Thank you" down the road.

Wow, what a great quote...and I'm going to quote you, Dwight. I'm going to copy that first sentence and put it on my computer so I can see it every day. Thank you.

I just discovered your blog (I am an author looking for an agent for my now completed manuscript) and wanted to tell you about our cat. He also has cancer, a mast cell tumor usually found in dogs and though we had it removed, it came back with a vengeance. He is now on six months of chemo, he only has two treatments left. He gets one pill every 6 wks and was on the prednisone but we took him off it because it made he so sick, now he is fantastic and the tumor has shrunk slightly. We hope he will be with us for a long time to come (he is only 7) but his quality of life is most important to us. For now he is happy, other than enduring the excessive fur balls that come from the thinning of his fur which is long! Good luck with your kittie, I hope she pulls through.

Thank you for sharing your journey through kitty cancer. Yes. It seemed to be the prednisone that was making our girl so sick, too. We had to say "ENOUGH!" We're thinking her kidneys are probably going bad. We've seen this before. Ravenous hunger and weight loss. But she's HAPPY! She's doing all the things she did before we started chemo. She sits on my lap and PURRS--LOUDLY. We know she's going to die, but right now, she's a lot happier than she's been for the past three months. I want her to be happy in her last days. And right now, she's telling us she's HAPPY!

That's worth about a million bucks.

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