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October 21, 2007


Hey, congratulations on the monitor. I love mine, too. It makes my desk bigger, so I can put more 'stuff' on it. But, like you, I have nowhere to put my pwds - so I created a Word file with them. LOL! At least at work we can synchronize them!

I have a 19", but not a 'wide' one - because I don't like that flattened out look that you mentioned. I'm running into that occasionally with the new HD tv. Hate it.

I too have a new computer with a 19" flat screen monitor, can't say I have noticed flattened faces. Daniel built one each for me and Graham at a fraction of shop price, it is fast and has Vista. Originally I was anti Vista, but as Daniel said he had tested it for 6 months before it "went public" and the main problems are where people upgrade their old computers, their hardwear is not up to standard for it, and I also now have Word 2007 which is wonderful.

Enjoy your new screen.

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