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November 04, 2007


The keyboards ARE a big deal. I am so used to the MAC I can barely type on anything else -- and imagine my shock and horro when I showed up to take the Monroe County Civil Service typing test and the keyboard was TOTALLY different from the Mac - yikes.

They give you one five-minute practice session, and then you get two tries at the test -- Thank God I seemed to catch on quick, but boy did it slow me down! I managed to clock 44 wpm on the test, but that was simply an Act of Grace bestowed on me by a merciful God .

So I am happliy plunking away on my MAC keyboard right now, and feeling very much in my comfort zone....

For some reason I always get "placed" (read STUCK) on register 2 when I work at the co-op. It's basically a PC with a cash drawer. And the keyboard on 2 sucks. No other word for it. It's terrible. It's cheap and ... icky. And I'm sure it's the reason they have so much trouble with that terminal.

It's no wonder I don't look forward to working there anymore.

Isn't there an option to make it sound like a typewriter?

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