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November 08, 2007






I thought I was dysfunctional for saving my rejection letters in bundled lumps.

And you put yours in binders?


Okay that's weird and inspiring at the same time.

And more than a little depressing when I see how many more binders filled with rejections still await me.

You don't, uh... cross-stitch your favorite rejections into pillowcases, do you? (Just checkin' Ms. Type A.)

Did I mention: WOW!

I couldn't keep straight which books had gone to what agent, so in an attempt to be organized, I separated them by project and date and put them in binders.

I ran out of steam, which is why the last folder has never been put in a notebook. I've been contemplating burning them. (We have a wood burning stove at our cottage.)

Maybe next spring. . .

Yahzer...That's more organization than I've got fer sure.

I guess, though, if you treat it like a job, you will be rewarded like it's your profession and not a hobby.

I like to think so. (Then again, maybe I'm just anal.)

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