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January 08, 2008


Shouldn't that be deadline Heaven? Deadline hell would be making endless revisions for a novel that no one seems to want. Oh wait! That's where I am!! (The horror; the horror.)

Have a nice day. ;-)

No, it really is deadline hell. In the past, I've had a LOT of time to let a book sit and gel. Then I've had time to read it over a few times, tweak it here and there. And the fact I write "short" and am still 6000 words away from my contracted word count has me shaking. They don't pump up the point size--they want to fill the predetermined size of the book's spine.

Haven't you ever said to yourself, "wow, this book reads like it's been padded." Now I know why.

I've got three weeks until I have to deliver the book. And it needs to be read by someone other than me, because I'm too close to it.

It sure feels like hell to me.

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