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February 22, 2008


My head exploded once when I worked in mergers and acquisitions and had to split a building in half because the company, in their infinite wisdom, decided to sell off only half the building and the operations in it.

Focus on the future. It will get better. NYTimes best seller's list looms out there.

From your fingers to God's eyes, Rick! :>

exploding heads are a key part of (post)modern life, right? Anyway, I tagged you for a MEME at Cooking with Ideas -- it'll appear Sunday Feb 24.

Sounds as if you are headed in a dozen different directions so Dazed and Confused is a good name for right now.

Hi, Pat, thanks for dropping by!

Oh great! Now you have me poking my fingers in God's eyes as if he were Curly and I Moe doing our Stooge's routine.

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

Hey, if it gets me on a best sellers list, won't it be worth it? :)

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