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March 10, 2008


Way to go, Lorraine!!!!

Just like butter, you're on a roll!!!



Good on you, Lorraine!


Thanks, Jared! You'd think with all the sweating I've done I would've lost ten pounds. "No such luck, chico!" (And if you can identify that movie quote, I'll give you a copy of the book FREE!)

Now, now. I don't claim to know EVERY film. And I had to use google on this one, just to come up with a guess. So it doesn't count, but is it THE RITZ (1976)? I bet it is....

Say, by the way, is it better for you (if one has the option) of pre-ordering your books on Amazon? Or buying at one of the many, many book launches?

Yes, it was The Ritz, which came out on DVD last month (and I now have a copy).

Pre-orders are always good. I'd say buying Murder Is Binding at a store is probably better than online. But I'm not going to have an "event" for Dead in Red until the fall...if you want to read it sooner. (Hint, hint.) Amazon =may= offer it for less. Their discounting is really hit and miss with Five Star titles. (Personally, I'm PRAYING they discount it, because then more people will buy it.)

Thank you for asking!

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