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July 15, 2008


Good for you! I just moved to a house from an apartment, so I should really start composting...

We planted tomato seedlings this year in our garden and added the compost that had been sitting in our back yard for almost 10 years. You should see how huge the plants are!! And we have several small tomatoes on them, too. I'll send you a photo.

Yes, please share!!!

Contrary to common belief compost doesn't smell, or at least it shouldn't. But don't forget to water it once a week, a watering can full should be sufficient, to stop it drying out and put a piece of old carpet over the top to keep the heat in just having a lid allows heat to escape. If it dries out it won't break down properly. Good compost should be full of worms. Don't worry if you see wood lice (don't know what you call them your side of the pond)as they help the process.

I might be the LEAST green person you know, but I've always been interested in composting.

This was very interesting.

I never realized that I could do it with a trash can. I thought I had to build a smelly box or dig a hole in the yard.

I'm intrigued.

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