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July 24, 2008


I think most LARGE PRINT books are purchased by libraries. I am legally blind.I purchased a paperback copy of Murder Is Binding and used a pair of thick lense reading glasses I have owned for years. I use this pair of glasses to read the newspaper and paperback books.
I check out large print books from the local library. Thy are too expensive for me to buy.

Hi, Annette. I'm so sorry you have to struggle with the print of mass market paperbacks. It's a shame that large print books costs so much, but I'm afraid it's the paper. The large print version of Murder is Binding is over 450 pages (if memory serves me right.) I'm hoping a lot of people with sight problems will get to read the book through their libraries via the large-print edition of the book.

It's fantastic. I love it. Classy, elegant. Wonderful.

Thanks, Hank. I like it, too. My Berkley editor said it was "pretty bland." Hmm. (I disagree.)

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