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September 12, 2008


Coming from Maryland, I have a bias toward Baltimore -- any port city, but since it's close to home, very pro-Baltimore. You can make it down to MD on one tank of gas in a dodge minivan - any way you could slink down, not go to the main conference, but manage to schmooze a bit at the smaller gatherings?

Oh well -- stay visible on the internet and see what happens in the future!


Awww, come on down to Baltimore, Lorraine! AirTran flies direct for pretty cheap, and I'm sure you could room with somebody. Plus, I put you on my list of people I wish were coming!: http://bouchercon2008.blogspot.com/2008/07/charmed-to-death-wish-upon-star.html

Now you have to come, right?

But, Jared, I don't fly anymore.

I've got a booksigning at B&N in Greece on Nov. 8th, and I'll be at the Churchmouse Craft sale on Nov. 22. I ought to post it above. Another thing to do...

Hi, Gwen. From a business perspective, it's way too late for me to go to either conference, because I wouldn't have a panel assignment. No panel assignment, no books in the dealers room.

Maybe next year . . .

Lorraine, you must investigate rail travel for future trips. Not such a money saver, but it's relaxing and scenic. Take your laptop and even get some work done, to boot!

I'm considering CrimeBake myself. Harlan Coben's the GOH and I worship him!

Oh, Lorraine, I feel your pain. I've attended every Crimebake except one, including the very first one where I learned about Sisters in Crime. Last year I went to my first Malice and enjoyed it tremendously.
However, I bought a house in Tucson this year and, after making three - or was it four? - expensive trips back to the East Coast last year, I determined that I would save my money this year and go to no conferences. I also decided my New York relatives could come visit me for Christmas. Very sensibly, I decided I would spend this year revising my first novel and start submitting it. (With 60 pages to go, I'm hoping I'll make the end of the year.)
I promised myself - and Sheila - that I would definitely go to Malice next spring, not only because I wanted to be there for the books and the writers and the panels and the Guppies, but because Sheila would be eligible for best first novel and I wanted to be there for that. But now, with possible unemployment looming in my future and a new mortgage, I'm fretting that I won't be able to do that. And Bouchercon is out of the question.
So, while you're sitting in your office bundled in a sweater with the heater going, I'll be here in Tucson with a fan and the A/C. You're not alone. And we can send good thoughts to all the people at conferences.

"But, Jared, I don't fly anymore."

Oh, well, if we knew that, we would have been driving in the first place. I could have taken the baby seats out and given you enough room to sit. You might've even found a stray Cheerio or two. Well, I'll keep it in mind when we're planning Indianapolis.

I did look into going. It's not the gas; it's not the conference fee; it's the hotel cost. Holy crap! $258 a night plus parking!!! A friend of mine has a room at the same hotel for $161 a night, but she booked it several months ago.

And I don't know my editor will go to Indianapolis . . . bummer.

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