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October 30, 2008


The other night we had a "frost alert". You mean it's gonna be really cold? omg run!

One local channel instituted a cute idea last year. When they were wrong about the weather, they put money into a pot that accumulated until the end of the month and was then donated to a local charity. Made it a little bit easier to swallow forecasts that missed the mark.

I think you have to move from that area before you begin to realize that sometimes the meterologists are *right.*

Pet Peeve: As of this year, Monsoon Season is defined by dates instead of weather conditions. How useless is *that*? All it did was create a whole new layer of confusion. "Monsoon officially starts tomorrow, but it hasn't actually started yet..."

Corporations that downsize and then wonder why customer service levels drop. Hello?!?!?!?! I'm out here doing my job, PLUS the three jobs you didn't replace.....I'm doing my best, as fast as I can, and you wonder why the customers are dissatisfied??? Stop and think for a minute, Big Stupid Corporation: The customer could be grading you for treating me so badly (and as a consequence, them), rather than me. Get it???

I didn't think so......

I read in the paper that this holiday season most major stores don't intend to hire holiday help. The place will be mobbed and they're not hiring extra cashiers? I'm going to try to get all my holiday shopping done in the next couple of weeks.

P.S. When I got downsized three years ago, where did my job go? India.

Oh, do NOT get me started! Two years ago my company brought in a slew of Indian contractors, mostly to handle the help desk. This week, their manager went to the one American on the team and asked for her tickets because they didn't have enough work to keep the offshore people busy!

This is partly because more than half the company was sold off this summer and they're closing both the call center and the distribution center in the spring. Do you think those people CARE whether the software works or not?

The CEO responsible for decreasing the value of my company by two thirds, the one who said there wasn't any money for raises last year because of the poor business climate, walked away with a TEN MILLION DOLLAR separation package. Why do these people get rewarded for incompetence?

Okay, it's your blog, Lorraine, so I'll shut up now.

Don't worry, Elise--Thursdays here are for venting. CEO compensation is a joke. There needs to be a serious shareholder revolt. Unfortunately, it's the institutional shareholders that are calling the shots and they're all in each other's pockets. The Board of Directors of my former company do nothing but sit on each other's boards and agree to outrageous payouts--because they're all getting them too. There's been entirely too much deregulation--and the result has been devestating unemployment. It's enough to drive a person to drink.

And I think I'll go make myself a strong one.

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