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October 23, 2008


I hear ya-I'm in sleep pants with elk on them that my oldest kid left when he moved out. They have a bleach stain. Pockets - yeah, but I also got into the habit of stuffing a tissue in the desk drawer.
Real peeve today? This is my last day home, braless and unshowered before noon, as I have sold nothing in the past two years (besides articles) so I had to get a real job.
This tanks. Especially since I'm finishing the final editing on the last thing I sold that is scheduled for release next spring.
Thanks for the ventilation spot.

I'm so sorry to hear you have to get another dreaded day job. Just this morning I was just thinking how GLAD I am that I'm not heading out at 6 a.m. for my last job. I don't have as much disposable income, but I've made the adjustment now and prefer just to hang out at home and fritter away the day...doing things like testing recipes for the next book. (And crossing my fingers that they are edible.)

Thanks for dropping by! Come back next week and you can complain about your new co-workers! :)

I'm with you on the pet peeves, annoying drivers who honk when cars have to wait for pedestrians, etc. drive me crazy in the city especially. My biggest frustration is waiting for a job to turn up. Luckily I'm working Nov. and Dec. in a seasonal job. Phew!

Don't you hate it when people get annoyed at you and honk when you've stopped to let ducks or geese cross the road. Like I'm going to run one (or more) over. NOT!

I just got my tax bill!! I live on a floating home so it is considered personal property, not real estate, so though I pay what every other homeowner pays, I have no way to sass back. Everything is itemized and when I saw what I was paying for city employees pension plans, I about had a fit! I never put that much into my own retirement fund. I better not see any bond measures for pay raises this year, considering everything that has happened. If so many of us have to tighten our belts, EVERYbody should have to. Especially politicians. As new regimes come in, and start thinking they are the aristocracy of this country, I start practicing my favorite chant. What part of public servant don't you understand! Impeachment is something well understood in this day and age.

I feel your pain, Pat. I'm now paying the taxes on our "family" cottage. For that I get: no snowplowing. No mail service. No road upkeep. No garbage service. We did get municipal water last year, but we have to pay a HUGE tax on it (and pay through the nose to have it installed in the cottage).

What do I get for taxes on a property that can only be used five months of the year?


And since it isn't our primary residence, we have taxation without representation.


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