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October 28, 2008


I work at Kohl's and already the store is filling up with people buying stuff they don't need. I'm trying to cut down on the holiday spending from now on. I'm only asking for a few books and some winter clothes.

You've no doubt seen the bumber stickers that say "S/he who dies with the most toys WINS!"

Not in my experience.

About four years ago, I unplugged the TV service because the kids wanted everything they saw. Also, frankly, because the commercial "breaks" were so long that I forgot what show I was watching, and because I was sick of living our lives in half-hour increments.

Life is so much better without the boob tube.

We have already told the kids that Christmas this year is going to be a redistribution of stuff. Meaning, that each of us has lots more stuff than we want or need, and that we can use that stuff as craft materials, or in some cases, just give the "thing" to someone else as is. HS Freshman is disappointed because she knows there is not a digital camera in the house, but the others are fine with it.

Excellent post, BTW. Good for you for noticing the real problem.

Thanks for stopping by, Dusty. I have a feeling a lot of kids are going to be disappointed this season. I saw on TV the other day that parents who have never had to say "We can't afford it" are going to have to say it this year. The kids interviewed were NOT happy. In many cases, they've never heard the word "No" before.

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