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October 08, 2008


Maybe they just like to grow 'em?

I would be tempted to do the same. Actually, thi syear I asked for some apples that a neighbor of ours had overflowing from their tree to feed to our rabbit and she gave me a great big box of them. So now we are going to make some apple pie and feed the bunny. :)

Hi, Missy, thanks for stopping by. Sadly, we're not real friendly with our neighbors. Oh, we wave, but mostly we (and they) keep to ourselves. They probably wouldn't even notice if a few were missing. After all, they won't pull out the old plants until next June when they put in the new ones. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess

Next time you see your neighbour, say "Hi, how are you today?" They will answer (hopefully), Then you ask, "How do you get such a good crop of tomatoes, I never have such luck?" Who nows they might ask if you want them.

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