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November 20, 2008


I am ranting about losing Midsomer Murders in the US. It was one of my favorite UK series and they are still filming new episodes. BUT WE WON'T BE GETTING THEM. The Biography Channel ran them of late--at one time they were on A&E--but thye have been dropped. I signed up on a newsletter list about the series--others who loved it as much as I did and are upset--but I haven't heard anything lately from them. Sigh. It's over for us. Maybe I can my son to find me the later episodes that are compatible with US DVD players. That's a whole other rant! There are several Aussie series I love but you cannot watch them on US DVD players. Okay. Unimportant rant over. Thank you Lorraine. I feel better.


Cell phone drivers. Got stuck behind two of them today and they were meandering all over the road. I wish I had a James Bond car and could send a warning missile over their hoods!

I love Midsomer Mysteries, too! (But we haven't seen it in years--since we changed cable packages.) Sometimes the Acorn catalog has a bunch of the DVDs. Check out their online site:


Jennifer, I've been hit twice while sitting at a stop light. People on their cell phones. I got out and looked for one of them and the woman rolled down her window (it was winter) and laughed. "Hee hee--I hit you!" I didn't think it was funny.

You should have grabbed your neck and howled in pain and shouted, "Where's my lawyer?"

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