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November 26, 2008


So because ONE dentist thinks they do no good, all dentists who recommend flouride treatments are scam artists? I'd like to see a bit more evidence on that. I think my son, who was breastfed and prefers sparkling water and who got NO flouride treatments from a dentist and a pediatrician who apparently agree with yours might have benefitted - in any case, he's had quite a few cavities, even in his baby teeth (because they were very closely spaced and flossing's hard when you're a toddler). People who get flouridated city water probably don't need supplementation and additional flouride treatments, but I can't believe the flouride lobby in the US is so powerful and secretive that they've convinced city officials to "poison" our water supply for no good reason.

I could be wrong, but I'd want more than one dentist's opinion on that.

Did you bother to read Kate's post and the references she posted?

Do you know anything about lobbists? I have a friend who worked for the corn lobby. Did you know that Americans are obese because Corn is in everything we eat? Check a label, hon.

And if you don't think our government approves stuff that is bad for us I have one word for you: IRAQ.

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