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December 12, 2008


Congratulations! At the least, it gets your name and titles "out there." I remember the car scene in MIB -- so well written I couldn't put the book down. Could a screenplay offer be next? I see great things in your future...

Boy, you ARE a good friend. (Love ya, Liz!)

Too bad my very best car chase will never see the light of print. It's in the unpublished FIRST second book in the Jeff Resnick series (although I suppose I could steal it and put it in another book . . .) The car even blew up. Wow--that was fun!

It is a frustrating business in so many ways, isn't it? And yet people still say "Why are women still complaining when they've realized equality?" I guess they haven't really taken a look at things lately.

Awards are such a strange thing...you either have fans voting for their favorites (which I think is probably the best way), with the caveat that they're looking for the book they like the best -- perhaps not the best "literary" example. I can think of a lot of books I've loved that wouldn't win literary awards, but kept me reading faster than any literature masterpiece. OR you have a small group of people judging books, which means that those books chosen will depend on those people's tastes. If they are biased toward a certain kind of book they will think a book of a different kind is of lesser value.

It's a strange, hard business. So we have to just keep doing what we love and let the chips fall as they may. Keep writing, Lorraine! Your books are wonderful and no matter if you win awards or not you've got a fan in me.

Thanks, Judy. It's wonderful to have friends like you and Liz.

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