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December 01, 2008


Saline nose spray. You just spritz in a couple of squirts and it clears you up nicely. Though it may need repeated applications. Keep the bottle and tissue next to your bed.

Hi, Toni. Thanks for stopping by. I think I may even have a bottle of saline stuff. Thanks for the reminder!

Okay...gross time...what color is it when you blow your nose? Are you having any pain in the sinus areas, (cheek, forhead top of head etc.)???

...that should be "forehead" I hate this wireless keyboard!!!

Well, it turns out -- I have a serious gum infection, which is no doubt part of my sinus problem. As of tonight, I'm on antibiotics. That should clear up the gums and the nose. Ick. Now, will I be able to sleep tonight, tomorrow or Thursday? I'll be blogging about my dental problems tomorrow. Ick.

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