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January 23, 2009


Consider it the halo of my tremendous editing.

No can do. You worked on Bookmarked for Death -- five print runs are for the first book, Murder is Binding.

But, I have no doubt that because of your wonderful input that book 2 will have as many print runs--maybe more. Woo-hoo!

Lorrraine, do not fear for the sales of Bookmarked for Death. I enjoyed Murder is Binding so much that I had to order a (used) copy of Murder on the Mind because I can't read the second bookstore mystery yet. My library has Dead in Red, but not MotM. I'm sure there are many more like me who can't wait for your next book.

Thanks, Elise. I sure hope you liked MOTM. (BTW, I've finished the rewrite on the next Jeff Resnick book: Cheated By Death. (It's submission time!) I only hope it doesn't take another three years before it sees print.)

Working hard on the next Booktown book: Recipe for Murder ... (Of course, in between is Boookplate Special in December -- I have no idea when this new one will be published. I'm just the author!

Yesterday I got my local independent book store to order several copies...raved about your new series and suggested they have several copies on the shelf. One for me and then I'll spread the word. Also, I thought 5 was supposed to be a lucky number! I should have my copy on Tuesday. Can't wait. Coop

Wow! I heard it was "in the distribution loop" so I'm glad to hear that some stores will have the book by next week. When you pick it up, let them know I'd be glad to send signed bookmarks.

Just pre ordered my copy and copies for the offspring. Good Luck you deserve it. Am recommending you to all my friends, even the workmen who are currently working on the house.

LOL! No wonder I love you so much!

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