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March 12, 2009


Great post, Jeri! My mother is a historian and she loved your book. She writes history tomes (about Medieval maps), but strongly believes in bringing history to life for people. People watch soap operas because they're fascinated with human interaction--reading history should be no different.

Thanks, Meredith. And thank your mother! I LOVE medieval maps. Makes London come alive for me.

I remember the weekly bath and in the UK during WWII water was limited to 4" only. I was the youngest, not a good place to be in only 4" of water.

Thanks for the quick mini-history lesson, Jeri. Can't wait to meet up with Crispin again!

Michele, I shudder at the thought.

Thanks, Kaye. I think we're all guilty of harboring false info on the past. I know I have some whoppers.

When I was a kid, there was a writer named Genevieve Foster who wrote books focusing on what happened in the lifetime of a famous person in the West (eg.Abraham Lincoln's World) and told about events all over the world. It was a revelation! There was history happening everywhere...I still remember that feeling after a lot of decades.

So true. I wish tv would have more respect for historical accuracy, but I know better than to expect it. A novel which takes history seriously is a treasure to me.

It seems that authors are more restricted in this, really having to try to keep it accurate or at least authentic, whereas TV and movies...er...less so.

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