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April 23, 2009


This is a great post, Sheila. I have to say as a very long-time admirer of JCO, and I do mean I adore her, the comment struck me as a little off-hand and out of character (she has a very good reputation and is known to be very kind). It did rub me the wrong way, too. I think you are spot-on, 100% correct in your assertions. I love 'literary' books, but usually what I want to read when I'm super busy is escapism. Mysteries do that for me. I have come to appreciate the series mysteries genre the most, as I find great comfort in company in a cast of characters who I know will be around for a while. I love the escapist fictoin of the various Berkley Prime Crime series, and series from other publishers. Well said. Very well said. We will still love our JCO and forgive her the indiscretion, yes?

Apparently we will also forgive all of my careless typos, too!

Actually, I've never been able to force myself to finish any books by JCO. People keep telling me how great she is. I've tried to read several of her books, [friends keep telling me how great she is and lending me her books]. But I haven't found any of them compelling enough to want to finish it.
On the other hand, give me a good mystery and I'll stay up waaayyyy later than I should to finish it.....

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