June 05, 2009


Lorraine, I'm with you. Last year, knowing I'd be out of work before the end of this year, I went into super-frugal mode. I purposefully waited until after New Year's to buy my 2009 calendars. (I use two - one in the kitchen and one in the office.) Talk about dregs!
When I swapped my office from bedroom 2 to bedroom 3 a couple of months ago, I decided that I did NOT want that magical calendar that was all brown with tiny print and silly stuff pasted to it and absolutely no pretty pictures in the new office. So I started looking at calendars two months ago. It's a tad early, but the minute I see ones I like this summer, I'm buying them!

Being tight, I print out calendar months from the Windows calendar. I can make the boxes as big or small as I want.

You need to check out the calendar store (not a kiosk) at Marketplace mall. It's open year round.

Rats! Wouldn't you know it. I only make it out to Henrietta once or twice a year--and last week was it. (For a Tandoor lunch. Yum.)

Yesterday I saw some Anita Renfroe Calendars at the Brockport Walmart for 5 cents!! I didn't pick one up because I'm all set with calendars and it didn't have pretty pictures, but it had really neat sayings with big boxes. There were a lot of them and they were in the clearance aisle to the very left of the store by the gardening section. The sticker on the shelf said 5 cents & it said Anita calendar, but the sticker on the calendar said $2 so make sure you get the shelf price if you go!

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