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July 23, 2009


That's really funny about your cat and the socks. We have a 19 year old granddaughter who lives with us. We also have two little dogs. if granddaughter leaves her tiny underwear on the floor the dogs will drag the underwear all over the house. Sometimes the two will play tug-a-war with her undies.

Good grief! I hadn't known they were alive!

Our black kitty luna like to stand on top of stuffed animals and knead -- it looks for all the world like she is stomping them into the ground.....

Don't you wish you could read their feline thoughts as they do these odd (to us) things?

My work ends at midnight everyday. Every time i come home and prepare for my food, a cat would always snuggle beside me and wait for my leftovers. She is my accompany when I'm eating alone.

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