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October 29, 2009


That only happened to me once. A guy. But he came back into the store a few minutes later and bought my book, so it worked out for both of us. What you describe would drive anybody crazy.

I went to a friend's signing last week and a guy showed up to pick her brain. He'd already been to two of my signings. This afternoon I made the mistake of answering an IM by another local wanna-be writer, again asking me for the same advice he'd asked for at one (or two?) of my signings. I gave it to him and he said, "you already told me that" and he hadn't followed up--we're talking 8 months later. Grrrrrrr.

|Oh boy, Lorraine! I can sure sympathize. I never mind giving advice to people who are really doing their best to write, but this other species? Sheesh. The worst is when you can see the people who are waiting to buy your book drift off because they can't get near you!

Good luck with Book Plate Special! I'll pick up mine very soon.


Would it be bad form to take your husband or brother with you to the signings? Sometimes a little masculine eye contact can restore decorum.

I'm looking forward to Special, too!


Yep. You struck a chord with me. Worse are what I call "peripheral friends" (i.e. not close enough to invite to your home but close enough that one can't flat out say "no.") They ask advice and you give it; then they actually hand over about 50 grim pages and "can you read this and let me know what you think?"
Um. I'm a bit busy holding down a full-time job and writing my own manuscript - but sure ... I'll take a peek. Hours later (I'm a sucker) I hand over a few notes but a MONTH later you ask how it's going and the reply is, "Oh, I'm working on something else." grrrrr.

This is SO true, Lorraine. It's happened to me a few times and I really felt trapped. I'm thinking next time I'll give them a card and ask them to email me. Bleh.


Very frustrating Lorraine! I've discovered over the years that there are quite a few people really just like the idea of writing a book but are probably never going to do it. Oh, well. I'm so glad people like you continue to be patient, because every once in awhile we help a writer who actually does get published eventually--and that's so satisfying!

What bugs me..people who ask for help and don't say please or thank you.

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