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November 19, 2009


Bravo! Well said.

I think most folks believe all authors are rolling in the dough. I'm not published but already, friends and family are asking for free copies when I get published, and talking about how great it is that I'll be able to quit my day job. (When I explain what the average advance is, and how much authors make per book, jaws drop.) I do think it's terribly rude if you're signing at a bookstore, and someone says, "Hey, can I get this from the library?"

However, my wallet is currently in lock-down due to the economy. (I'm self-employed and my business has dropped 35%.) It really does sadden me that I can't support fellow authors right now--although I do talk up the books I've read and loved. If it weren't for my beloved library, I wouldn't be reading at all. So I do hope you'll take pity on those of us who would love to buy but simply can't right now. And I do look forward to the economy picking up so I can start shopping at my beloved local mystery bookstore soon.

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