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January 27, 2010


I love your new cover. And can't wait to listen to the whole series on CD. My local library is going to be thrilled, too.

You OWN the news today! (Great cover!)

That is a great cover. I love audio books. They give me the opportunity to 'read' when I normally couldn't, while my eyes are busy doing something else. I can understand why that first listen is going to be exciting for you. Enjoy it!

I don't listen to audiobooks. Maybe because I live on an island and there are no long road trips to take. I think I'll make an exception though and listen to yours. BTW, great cover! Also, my doctor and personal friend is moving to New Hampshire next month from Kauai. I'll tell her about the soda you mentioned. Aloha from Rob

Great cover, Lorraine. Love the cat, of course. Put a cat on ANYTHING and you'll get my attention -- but the rest of the cover is also very nice. :-)

I couldn't live without audiobooks -- and like you, I'm eagerly waiting to receive a set of CDs so I can hear my own words being read by a pro. I totally understand your excitement! Congratulations!

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