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January 21, 2010


Oh, I'm with you about customers taking up the aisles. One of the problems I run into lately is that two ladies will be talking and they are about two buggy lengths away from their carts. The kicker, you guessed it, their carts are pulled side-by-side blocking the aisle. You stand there waiting for one of them to move their carts and they each give you a look like "DON'T DISTURB ME." Does not make for a good day grocery shopping.

LOL Mason! I hear you! But the funny thing is that the people blocking the aisle often don't... hear, that is. I sometimes have to ask twice or three times. And by the time I've raised my voice to a decibel level they notice, it sounds like I'm being rude!

I often come home from the grocery store frustrated and the one I frequent even has wide aisles! Of course, that gives the oblivious people even more space to take up :)

Janel - just like work takes up as much time as we have to give it, so oblivious people take up as much room as there is to grab. Wide aisles do help, though.

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