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February 19, 2010



Talent is recognized!

Congratulations,Lorraine! I can't wait to finally meet you in person at Malice. So happy for you!

Thanks, Jack! And I'm looking forward to meeting you, too, Rachel!

Congrats. When I saw Major Award I admit the lamp was the first thing I thought. LOL
You're in good company. Well done!



Bask in the limelight!

And keep up you daily word counts........

Congratulations! I can say I knew you when.....

Best of luck. You must be so excited!

As I predicted after reading the quality of your work. How proud I am of your achievements. How proud I am to be a penfriend of yours.

How proud? Words will not express.

Thanks, KD, Gwen, and Nancy. Jeannie, you're a true sweetheart!

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