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February 10, 2010


Yikes, Lorraine. That's kind of scary, really.
Stay warm...

I had a wonderful editor, so didnt' have to go through that. Did you submit often, or hold firm?

So what do you do? Do you have the option not to make the changes suggested by your most recent copy editor?

Beth, I don't fight over commas. They're going to do what they're going to do and never be consistent.

Judy, we're free to put STET wherever we don't agree. Whether the typesetter listens is another story....

Don't give in on the admit thing! That's bad! I'll bet she'd like me, though, cuz I can use lots of exclamation points!

I agree, commas are small potatoes. And everyone has an opinion.

I don't give in on my commas unless it really doesn't make any difference. I put them where I meant them to be...

I used to let more pass by than I do now. But too often I've done proofs, stumbled over something, and gone back to CEs to discover it was something they changed that I didn't fight for, so then I have to change it back in proofs.

Current nightmare: Publisher is exploring various production processes, some of which skip my opportunity to STET the CEs, leaving me to fix it all in proofs. This is profoundly unworkable, and it wastes more time than it saves. Do they really think I won't notice?

Gah. CEs. A good one is a treasure. A bad one can wreck the book. I've had more bad than good lately. No CE should be rewriting dialogue tags. It's not their business.

Oh, that is bad. (I could add an exclamation mark.) Who knew major publishers would hire that doesn't know any better? (I too am waiting to find your third mystery at my favorite bookstore.)

Norma: Alas, the store won't spontaneously order my book--or any book. Most independents only order what they think they can sell. If you want to buy the book from an indie, I'm afraid you're going to have to ask them to order it. It's okay--they'll gladly do that.

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