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February 18, 2010


OUCH. So sorry about this...and you're right, he should've told you that he'd only come if his other client in the area could. I know the cost of travel is high for them, but...horses shouldn't suffer for it.

OMG, that's crazy. He should have been up front with you that the appointments were dependent on other clients. I don't blame you for looking for another farrier, I would too. Good luck. Hope you find an even better one!

Elizabeth, the sad thing is that I really like working with him and also admire his work (which cannot be said of every farrier, as you know!). So it was doubly frustrating for things to turn out this way. I totally respect the way he needs to arrange his logistics, but had I *known*...

Heather, exactly. I should have known my appointments would be so dependent. But this has been a big lesson for us--we're shifting all our services to this side of the pass. (And meanwhile New Farrier was out on Monday, and while time will tell with the subtle aspects, seems a decent match so far.)

I have a sick mule today and I'm worried about her. It doesn't look like colic but I have a call into the vet. Good luck with your pet.

Aloha from Rob

Rob, I hope your mule is okay!


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