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March 01, 2010


I see 6 months supply of Nutra-system arriving at your door!

The pounds do peel off with Nutra-System ... and then they come back DOUBLE. I know, I've done it three different times. I've had my best success with Weight Watchers--at least of keeping it off. But you have to be vigilent, which I haven't been. Frank says it's all in the genes and if you're destined to be heavy (and the women on my paternal side ALL were), then give up and eat chips. Uh...I think he may be right, but if nothing else, this will force me to eat healthier. Believe me, we ate all the goodies, there are no more snacks in this house.

Great, funny post, Lorraine. I've been following the jean saga and love the fact they sent 5 pairs. I live in sweats, too, but have been on the Biggest Loser diet and it's working (so slowly, I'm going nuts). I'll have to try a pair of these!

What a fun post! (Oh, I love my sweats!)

All of my jeans are goal jeans since I moved and my health took another dip. Big glop of weight, just like that. WTF? Oh. Er, can I say WTF on your blog?

LOL! WTF, it's all right with me!

Lorna, veggies and water really help. But make sure you get a special treat every week so you don't feel deprived!! Or treat yourself to a guilty pleasure to honor your success. Pulling for you. ~ Avery

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