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March 09, 2010


Aww....great memories, Lorraine! I was not allowed to have Barbie as a kid. "Too grown up" if you know what I mean. I did have Ginny and her clothes. She was a little girl doll so was acceptable to my mom. Had a friend who had Barbies, used to love to go over to her house to play with the forbidden fruit!

I had one of the very first Barbies - blond ponytail, black and white striped bathing suit. She was my one and only. Loved playing with her.

Aww, if I'd known you then, I would've shared my Barbies with you, Nancy! (BTW, everyone, Nancy makes beautiful doll clothes--mostly for American Girl dolls, but I'm sure for others, too, eh, Nancy?)

I also had one of the very first Barbies (yes, I'm that old LOL) and she was blond with the ponytail. I still think she's the most beautiful of the dolls. And Lorna, you reminded me of one of my other Barbies, the one that had wigs. I'd forgotten how she was dressed originally. Good memories!

I still have my Barbie with the three wigs. i don't have the original bathing suit. I played with Barbie until I was in high school, I had a younger sister. Then I played with my daughter. There are so many Barbies now. They are not nearly as special and high quality as the ones we had back in the day.

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